For me, it begins and ends with people. People are what matter and their stories matter. At the very heart of who I am, I am a story teller. A story COLLECTOR. It has been one of the greatest joys of my life thus far to listen to, document and PRESERVE people’s stories. Stories of couples starting their lives together, of families uniting, of a 103 year old man living alone in the bush of East Africa, of kids living in Nicaraguan barrios who are breaking barriers and becoming the first in their families to complete their educations. Stories of organizations that are changing their communities, or small business owners who are passionate about what they do. What an incredible honor it is as an artist, to be invited into peoples lives and to be able turn some of the most important moments of their story into something tangible. In light of all of this, I strive to make photos that are honest, authentic, and full of life.

I approach your wedding day with that very same kind of reverence for your story!  I take that part of my job very seriously. BUT- I am also a big believer in good times! I want the photo portion of your wedding day to be FUN! I bring with me a big, huge sense of humor and a genuine desire to know you and your family. Be prepared to share lots of laughs and hugs! I want it to feel like you have another friend with you throughout the day, rather than just another vendor.

Some fun facts!!

  • I currently live in South Florida but have had some pretty awesome adventures living, photographing, and working as a missionary in places like Kenya, Thailand, Nicaragua, and Haiti.
  •  I have the best dog in all the land. Her name is Autumn, but she is affectionately known around my home as ‘The Dingus’.
  • I originally went to college for music (I wanted to be a songwriter).
  • It is very possible that I will be wearing “grandma” shoes at your wedding. I have yet to find a shoe that doesn’t make me want to cut my feet off after carrying around heavy equipment for 10+ hours AND that is cute. It’s best if we all just pretend that we don’t notice your 90 year old Nana’s shoes on my feet.
  •  I LOVE to learn new languages. It’s something I actually do as a pastime.
  •  I am an excellent tap dancer. Seriously. Just wait for the dancing portion of your reception.
  •  I love kids and most of my previous day jobs (before I finally was able to live this dream full time!) involved working with them. If you have kids at your wedding, then you can expect lots of tiny, goofy dancing photos.

2017 Travel Schedule:

March 3-7: Chicago

May 10-14: London

May 14-18: Cornwall

June: Chiapas, Mexico

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